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2021 - 2022 Season Information

Hello and welcome to the 2021-2022 OWBC Season.


1. OWBC will conduct a mandatory fundraiser all families are required to participate. More information will be provided as fundraiser details are finalized within the first month of the season. The fundraiser will require an upfront purchase and families will have the ability to obtain their full investment back upon successfully selling the required items.

2. Players and families are required to adhere to all OWBC policies, including health and safety rules set forth by: (a) the facilities OWBC utilizes for practices and competitive play; and (b) the organizations hosting events OWBC participates in. Additionally, OWBC may elect to institute health and safety practices at any time throughout the season which must be immediately and strictly adhered to by all players and families.

3. OWBC primarily uses Oshkosh Area School District (OASD) facilities for practices. OASD has an indoor mask requirement through November 5, 2021. The OASD mask requirement may be extended throughout part or all of the OWBC season. 

4. OWBC has zero tolerance for non-compliance with any policy. Violations may result in player removal from OWBC. If this occurs, OWBC registration fees or fundraiser purchases are non-refundable.

5. All teams will organize and begin the season by November. All teams will participate in BADL and additional competitive play tournament(s) as determined by the OWBC board of directors. For 7th and 8th grades, the OWBC season is structured to allow players to also participate in middle school basketball. Your coach will provide specific details on your team’s season.

6. OWBC is investing in our players by partnering with Mind Gym to offer a program to our 6th-8th grade players. Check out Mind Gym for more details

Let’s have a great Season

Go Wildcats!

Connect with OWBC

Connect with OWBC

Oshkosh West Basketball Club


Congratulations to the Dec. 17th raffle winners! This drawing included the original Dec. 10th drawing which was postponed due to the cancellation of the varsity game.


$100 raffle winners - eight (8) prizes:

#101 - Melissa J.

#416 - Dan A.

#417 - Lisa A.

#497 - Rick L.

#498 - Rick L.

#692 - Linda G.

#695 - Amber T.

#805 - Maurice B.

$1,000 raffle winners - two (2) prizes:

#584 - Matt M.

#752 - Jon B.


Oshkosh West Basketball Club